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Pioneer Hopyard Vineyard

Pioneer Hopyard Vineyard is located in the heart of the Willamette Valley in Independence, Oregon.  This historic vineyard has been in the Coleman family for generations.  We produce four award winning wines.  Our Pinot Noir Reserve is wonderfully complex and our Pinot Gris is loved by all.  We offer wine tasting every Friday and Saturday all year. 
Along with our Pioneer Hopyard Vineyard wines, we carry local California, Oregon and Washington wines at our store in Corvallis.  We have a wonderful selection of wines at our 50% off table.  
This beautiful vineyard is located in the heart of the Willamette Valley, near Independence, Oregon.

 In 1922, Alfred McLaughlin purchased forty-six acres outside of the little town of Buena Vista.  Alfred and his wife, Mary spent the next ten years homesteading and farming.  Alfred planted hops in 1935 and the farm became known as McLaughlin Hopyard. At this time, Independence, Oregon was the hop capitol of the world.  In 1947, Alfred and Mary paid ten thousands dollars in cash to build the hop dryer.  Unfortunately, the hop market crashed in the Willamette Valley and the dryer was only used for one season's harvest.  The hop dryer remains unchanged as an historic landmark. 

 In the 1980's, Alfred's son, Robert, was inspired to transform the hop farm into a vineyard.  He was living in the Napa/Sonoma area in California where he was growing wine grapes in his backyard.  Robert was one of the pioneers in the Willamette Valley wine industry.  Robert and his nephew, John Coleman founded Pioneer Hopyard Vineyard.  The first planting of wine grapes was on a half an acre in 1983. By 1998, the vineyard had expanded to ten acres.  

 Today, Pioneer Hopyard Vineyard produces award winning wines.  We feature a wonderful Chardonnay, a smooth Pinot Noir, a complex Pinot Noir Reserve and a delicious Pinot Gris.  

   We offer wine tasting weekly at our Corvallis location, just ask! We love to share our fabulous wine. Or call to visit the vineyard, located one mile north of the Buena Vista ferry.  
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